Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


Why hire VHA Silver Service Chauffeured car?

  • Its simply what a cab network should have been in the first place.
  • We guarantee :
  •  Safety of our Patrons
  • Your valuables and belonging are in safe hands if you forget it in an unfortunate case unlike taxis.
  • Reliability of on time pick ups and in most cases our chauffeurs will be at pick up place atleast 10 minutes before the booking time for your peace of mind
  • Executive Service with Luxury clean cars and polite and caring Chauffeurs
  • Pick up from within Airport terminals (Domestic/international) with priority parking opposite the terminals
  • Relaxing smooth drive with your preferred chauffeur every time

Are VHA prices the same as metered taxis?

  • No – Our prices are estimated to be close to taxi rates. On short journeys we are often more expensive, but on longer journeys we are often a little cheaper!

Do the VHA cars have meters in them to calculate the fare?

  • No – Our rates are a quoted fixed base price. Unlike taxis, our prices wont change if the traffic isn’t moving and you can assured of whichever way the chauffeur takes to the destination, the price will still be the same.

Are there extra charges for your VHA cars?

  • Every price quoted is the final price with no hidden charges if a credit/debit card is provided at the time of the booking. Cash payments can be accepted at pick up or destination within the car. Card Payments within the car attract 10% gst and service charge payable to CabCharge not us. Our quotes will always include all airport parking fees, citylink toll fees, any other miscellaneous expensis and 15 minutes of complimentary waiting time for Point to point bookings, Domestic flights pick up. Any quote for pick up from international terminal includes 1 hour of waiting time.
  • Any Extra waiting time will be charged on pro rata basis at $77 per hour.

Do I have to pre-book a VHA car?

  • By law all trips made by a Victorian Hire Car must be pre-booked. We are not allowed the pickup any hails off the street.

My travel needs sometimes change at the last minute, can I book or change a booking on the same day?

  • You can change an existing booking at any time within reason. Please provide ample time to cancel or change any booking. For Cancellation of bookings please provide atleast 24 hours notice before pick up time for a full refund.

Are the VHA cars licenced by the appropriate government authorities?

  • In Victoria all hire cars come under the authority of the Department of Transport (DOT) Victorian Taxi Directorate (VTD) department. For futhur information visit http://www.transport.vic.gov.au/taxis

Do you accept all credit/debit cards? if so are there any charges for accepting payments by credit/debit cards?

  • Yes we accept all credit/debit cards including CABCHARGE. Credit/Debit cards provided at the time of booking do not attract any surcharge. By using any credit/debit cards in any taxi/hirecar in Victoria there is a 10%+GST service fee which will be added to quoted booking.

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