VHA Silver Service is the only Melbourne Based limousine hire service company in Australia to make an assertive move toward total transparent pricing for our customers, corporate as well as private. Whether its a dinner party, wedding or just going for a night out we have a chauffeur driven car available to get you home safely and on time.

We guarantee our Chauffeurs to be Professional, Reliable , Friendly and on time every time otherwise we pay for your ride.

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We have done this by taking two key decisions:

  1. VHA Silver Service made a ground breaking decision 3 years ago to eliminate the 11% credit card fee that is currently charged across the majority of the taxi and limousine hire car industry in Australia.
  2. All VHA Silver Service prices quoted are flat prices and inclusive of all Airport tolls, Parking fees and GST which are built into the trip pricing and will not be charged separately.


It is imperative to take both the above points into account when comparing prices with other limo hire car companies. Recent research findings published by the Tourism & Transport Forum (TTF) claim that ‘88% of business executives find the 11% card fee charged when paying by plastic to be unreasonable’. This fee was originally introduced decades ago when the administrative process of accepting credit cards for ground transport was extremely complicated and time consuming. Service providers where pressed to recover the costs incurred in order to provide this convenience to their passengers. Over time the introduction of new technologies has made the administrative process much easier and less expensive for suppliers but the 11% fee has remained.

There are currently a number of Parliamentary inquiries and Federal Court legal proceedings underway to investigate and challenge many aspects of the ground transport industry, namely the 10% charge. The Victorian Government has already taken a step by decreasing that surcharge to 5% in Taxis but Hire Cars are still using 11% eftpos machines.   VHA Silver Service fully support more transparent ground transport pricing practices and look forward to emerging legislature which will restore consumer confidence in this industry. Please Contact us on  if you would like to discuss any aspect of pricing.

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